Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here's third diver that will do fluttering Sockbreaker's flag at principal pool Sea World.
Diver that consist of:Purwanto Kurniawan Santoso, Purwadi Kurniawan Santoso, and Muhammad Fahryan will hanging Sockbreaker's flag insides principal aquarium Sea World.
here's the action :

At that very day coincided with anniversary Purwanto Kurniawan Santoso and Purwadi Kurniawan Santoso.Then both of them toots candle fully happy.Oke happy birthday to Purwadi Kurniawan Santoso and Purwanto Kurniawan Santoso i hope what you want can reached (amien).

Okay hanging Sockbreaker's flag at the sea reached.
Mission furthermore: hanging Sockbreaker's flag at the moon (I Hope).

Until here flag hoister story Sockbreaker's at seaworld wait story furthermore.

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